We level you
up by first identifying
the gaps.

We evaluate your firm using our proprietary roadmap, objective analysis, and neuroscience-backed technology.  We identify your strengths and weaknesses, both individually and as a law firm.   

Identifying gaps allows us to strategize and develop a game plan specific to your firm. Todd Burnham and his strategic partners will work directly with you and your team to implement your customized plan.

We remain open to opportunities that present themselves.  We create a very real competitive advantage by utilizing our exclusive access to performance-enhancing technology. 

We identify your gaps. We foresee future gaps. We develop a plan and help you fill it all while providing you with the tools to become efficient and cutting-edge.

You need effective coaching if you want to cut your learning curve.

Todd Burnham | Founder

Look around.  Lawyers are being marketed by non-lawyers with hodge-podge, piecemeal action steps focused almost exclusively on lead generation.  Non-lawyer marketing/lead generation companies are crushing it.  

Like most others, we learned the shortcuts by taking the long way. When Todd Burnham was building Burnham Law, he did it alone.  “Someone, anyone, would have been better than my feelings of loneliness, uncertainty, and stress.”  He learned through failures.  He now teaches Law Practice Management at CU Law.

Todd teaches The Burnham Process by leveraging neuroscience-backed technology with customized partner platforms. For more information or a demo, please contact [email protected].

Throughout his podcast, Deep Bench, Todd outlined the steps he followed when making decisions to build Burnham Law, which he did in 2009 from the basement of his and Katy's pre-foreclosed home.  

In 2021, Todd wrote Comeback: Epic Rebound Strategies, to help people use adversity as a growth accelerator and fuel to overcome limitations and advance in life.  It's important to recognize when you're dealing with someone who is obsessed.  

If you aren't constantly focused on getting better then you're already disadvantaged.  Working with Todd and his team will change you, your mindset, and your law firm's direction and speed of growth.

means winning
for your clients.

If you aren't performing then you aren't here for long.  And it’s not fun.  

Our model is tried and tested. We use AI-customized processes and neuroscience-backed games to level up both K (knowledge) and S (skill). Motivation (M) is limited then only by Environment/Culture (E).   The formula requires efficient processes and optimized people. The people are the key to success when you operate a service business.  They just need to be better. We provide the shortcuts. 

True, repeatable performance requires practice and an environment that promotes growth. Most of all, performance requires an athlete's mindset (aka whatever, to you, reflects principles of resiliency, grit and unwillingness to yield to mediocrity.)

We are obsessed with getting better.

We are obsessed with getting better.  You must possess that mindset in order to have mental staying power.  Shortcuts are created by those obsessed who have taken the same path before and have found what works and created shortcuts for what took too long.  This website is a collective of professionals who are the best at what they do. We don't teach you how to optimize SEO.  We provide a direct connection to the people we use. We coach and we go all-in with you. 

Customized platforms and processes, AI gamification to expedite learning, individual and group coaching with Todd Burnham, and platform onboarding through AI gamification...this is all happening now.


When you need honest, truthful, and informed business advice based on our evaluation and business vision in your specific arena, we will be here for you.  If you can get past the adversity, with initial effective triage, you will scale with confidence.

Contact us.

At Sensai Consulting, we believe that not every law firm is created equally. Knowledge is power. Understanding that you don’t know what you don't know is wisdom. Our mission is to empower legal professionals to not only achieve their goals but to exceed them.  With our unique coaching, we provide the awareness and tools necessary to enable law firms of all sizes to increase their profitability, improve their efficacy, and enhance their reputation in the legal industry.

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